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The Lucky Red Casino is the latest brand of online casino offered by the Club World Casino Group. While Club World, which is also known as Club USA within the online casino marketplace in the United States, is more of a slot-oriented casino platform, Lucky Red is a full-fledged offering that includes some of the most popular table games and machines demanded most by players. Club World is undoubtedly a recognized and recommended name in the online casino world, but does their Lucky Red variant live up to the brand's very high standards and expectations from its players?

About Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red is one of the newest names to hit the American online casino scene. Having only launched in August 2014, players haven't been all that quick to flock to the platform, but this isn't for any sinister reason. It actually carries quite stringent quality standards being a part of the Club World Casino Group where customer service and safety are always the number one priority of the brand.

The platform also carries two particularly noteworthy achievements in terms of their worthwhile status in the online casino world. Lucky Red Casino is Wizard of Odds Approved and is certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission as being a casino in good standing. These are both well-known endorsements within the online gaming world and is often the first step in becoming a solidified name in the gaming realm. However, it's important to note that this platform isn't particularly populated at the moment. Even at peak times, I found myself without the presence of many other people. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as I was still able to experience the casino in its entirety, but there's definitely a missing social aspect that was otherwise covered on a platform like Club USA. Still, I suspect it's coming along and will be up to par in no time.


Unlike Club USA, which is mostly just a platform for slot players, Lucky Red is a casino that caters to the greater majority of online casino players. This means players will see a full range of games including blackjack, video poker, roulette, and some variants of poker. The latter is of particular interest since online poker in the United States has been the driving force behind so many of the issues that American gamers have face over the past few years. However, Lucky Red offers such classics as Caribbean Stud, Let 'Em Ride, and is poised to offer Texas Hold'em in the very near future.

The platform is based on the Real Time Gaming software package, which means the platform handles exactly like Club USA in terms of the realism it will offer you and provides a generally cutting-edge experience for those who aren't otherwise familiar with the Groups's branded casinos. What's more is that Lucky Red has been given a launch range of over 120 casino games, which is something that is still provided to this very day. I wasn't struggling to find something to play during my time with the casino. While I was sometimes completely on my own, this didn't hinder the experience in any way – it is still a fully functional casino with an excellent range of games to suit the needs of the global majority.

The software itself handles well by both downloading quickly and not not posing any sort of significant strain on my computer resources. Thanks to its graphics-heavy nature, it's perhaps better suited for those with modern computer systems, but I don't think it would particularly drain those using an older computer too much.

Ongoing Rewards System

Something that was particularly interesting to me was the casino's ongoing reward system, which randomly rewards players with various prizes on a seemingly completely random basis. The casino recommends players keep an eye on their personal messages for this reason. While many of these personal messages will be more advertising in nature, which is likely how the platform supports itself financially beyond the rake it receives from the players, I did manage to snag a few bonuses for myself. These were limited to a few tokens to use in slot machines, but it's still a nice touch nonetheless. “Comp points” are also regularly available for those who choose to play the slot machines. $1 worth of points will be rewarded for every $10 wagered within a slot machine, which can be used for tournament entries and other website-based features.

Speaking of bonuses, Lucky Red is also currently running a deposit bonus promotion where all new players will receive a match up to 400% of their initial deposit value up to $4,000 USD. This is perhaps one of the largest sign up bonuses available on the Internet today for those seeking American online casinos and is a testament to the Group's financial standing in the casino world, which is undoubtedly excellent.

Customer Service

Lucky Red benefits from being network with the Club World Casino Group's customer service portal, which means there is always someone on hand to deal with queries through a live chat. However, those who need attention given to financial matters will be required to use their e-mail system in order to generate a support ticket. These will be responded to within a maximum of 24 hours.


The standard credit card deposit and withdrawal is available for Lucky Red players, but it's by no means the only option available. Other banking options include Moneybookers, Click2Pay, and funds transfers through a prepaid EcoCard. Transfers are subject to security checks, but were well within industry standard times. I was able to receive a withdrawal credited to my Visa after five business days.


Players who like the Club USA experience will undoubtedly find themselves at home using Lucky Red. It's certainly one of the better full-featured casinos on the Internet today partly thanks to its random bonus scheme, which encourages players to keep getting involved. Those who are new to the casino world will also find this to be a suitable choice as the limited social opportunity at the moment means there's no pressure to compete against insurmountable odds. It's definitely a worthwhile consideration!

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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