Winpalace Complaints

The Winpalace Casino is an online casino with a rocky history dating back to 2009. It is a part of Netad Management, which is notoriously known across the American online casino scene as one of the most fraudulent groups in existence today. Winpalace Casino itself has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations, but it shares in the poor reputation that the rest of Netad Management's portfolio has. So, what's going on with Winpalace Casino? Let's take a closer look.

About Winpalace Casino

Winpalace Casino is based on the popular Real Time Gaming software, which is known to provide a great player experience and is one of the reasons so many casino operators choose to adopt the platform for the US market. It is also one that's regarded as secure. Real Time Gaming platforms are “TST Certified” and this is perhaps the most honest aspect about the platform. Payments are widely reported as capped, slow, and sometimes declined altogether. Customer support is also lacking as well. Agents are widely held as slow to respond to queries [1], but can be reached on a toll-free telephone number for a more prompt response and this is often the recommended course of action when dealing with unethical casino operators. However, let's take a look at what's happening in the customer service department.

Customer Service at Winpalace Casino

It's not unusual for players to want to reach out to a representative when dealing with a rogue casino. After all, players often aren't in the know when it comes to a con and will likely give casinos the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their money. However, they'll soon find out that things aren't all that they seem.

Those who use Winpalace Casino's live chat option are quick to report that the responses they receive were slow, poorly composed, and generally lacking in coherency. Those who do manage to receive something of use to themselves report that Winpalace is quick to give them the run around: blaming software issues, other members of staff, or placing the blame on an unnamed “decision by management” with regards to slow or even declined payments [2].

Few have commented on their experience using the telephone support option, but it is a worthwhile option to any casino – especially when players are able to make contact with a voice on the other side of the line. It's believed that this is the way to go when getting in touch with Winpalace Casino, but there aren't many user opinions on it. The greater majority choose to suffer through the live chat experience.

Withdrawals at Winpalace Casino

One of the most spotty aspects about Winpalace Casino is its withdrawal process. Very few players have been able to receive their winnings in full and it seems the operators are more inclined to pay by instalments. What those instalments are, though, isn't agreed upon and there is no one set universal standard. Some players can receive withdrawals up to $3,000 per payment, whereas others will be capped with limited amounts such as $500 [3]. The difference likely reflects the difference in overall winnings or withdrawal amounts by different players, but it seems unnecessary to have such an inconsistent approach and only serves to demonstrate the casino's overall financial instability and/or fraudulent nature to begin with.

What's universally agreed upon are Winpalace Casino's slow payment times. The industry norm for American players rests around the eight day mark to receive a withdrawal, but Winpalace Casino takes up to two weeks to process payments. They've given themselves a shield to hide behind with this matter by nominating players by “class” and those of higher distinction will receive their payments faster, but this is rarely the case. Sometimes players will receive a large payout or two, then all contact from the casino will disappear and accounts are usually frozen during this time. Again, this is due to “decisions by management” without any further comment to players.


The entirety of Netad Management's portfolio suffers from the same experienced shared by players at Winpalace Casino. Players simply can't expect any aspect of honesty or urgency when dealing with the opeartors of this casino. Instead, they'll likely find themselves winning large amounts only to have their withdrawals declined altogether while the operators run away with all of the deposits made in order to be eligible for those winnings in the first place. This is a casino that's best avoided altogether.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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