Top US-Accepting Online Casinos

Best CasinosYour search for the best online casino for Americans has come to an end. Our goal is to expose various rumours, and blatant lies online casinos have been trying to feed us customers, and to separate the trusted online casinos from the rogue. This is why we've stepped in to help fill the void on the information that's out there by providing the ultimate authoritative resource on what's available on the Internet today for casino players based in the States.

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Top US-Accepting Online Casinos

The Issue of Online Gambling in the States

Some players based in the States might be wondering why their actions on the Internet are becoming an issue, or perhaps they've been playing blindly on services that are less than reputable. The issue dates back to April, 2011 on a day that's been coined as "Black Friday" in the Internet casino world.

On this day, the US government seized control of several leading names in the online poker world and their domains that were routed through American servers and forcibly restricted access to them for those in the US. Since then, American players haven't been able to successfully play any online poker games using these services and have since migrated to somewhat shady backdoor options or have given up their activity altogether.

This has opened up quite a political discussion in the United States for casino players at large. Some States, like New Jersey and Nevada, have legalized online casino activities and openly allow players to participate using a service of their choice. Other states do allow online gaming, but restrict it to services based exclusively within their own state (as is popular in Canada, too).

Conversely, there are also states like Montana that openly restrict and have criminalized online gambling in all forms. It's therefore up to players to check on the legal status of gaming within their states in order to comply with current legislation. For the most part, though, players are unlikely to run into any red tape unless there are specific laws forbidding it. The question is where players can play – this is the question we've answered for you.

Choosing a US Friendly Casino

Once players have established that they're actually allowed to participate in online gambling activities through a US-based service, then it's up to players to go about choosing one of the more reputable and reliable services. Since Black Friday, there have been several copycat platforms opening up on a seemingly near daily basis in order to tempt players with excessive and unrealistic bonuses along with the prospect of skewed figures that would see the house running at a loss, but anyone familiar with online casino games would realize that this isn't any way to run a viable business.

This doesn't mean you'll run into a ton of problems with less than ethical casinos because we've completely eliminated these from the mix. The ones we've chosen to include here are the ones we'd personally play on ourselves and have thoroughly tested the platforms to ensure their compliance with both fairness and viability.

After all, would you want to make a deposit somewhere today just to see it disappear tomorrow?

So, how can you go about choosing the best platform to suit your own needs along with giving yourself peace of mind in knowing your deposit is safe? Let's review some of the key deciding factors in finding a safe casino that'll accept you as an American player:

Payout Options

Players will need to review the payout options that a casino offers in order to ensure they'll pay using a method they'll be able to receive. For many casinos, these include (and in most cases, are limited to) credit / debit / pre-paid cards, money transfer services and Bitcoin.

Most US-friendly casinos allow one free withdrawal per month (the difference, though, is BetOnline - while a respected operator in the US market, they even charge a 6% fee for Bitcoin withdrawals!)

Deposit Bonuses

This is often where players slip up and it wouldn't be unusual if you've bought into some of the lies that casino operators have told. Promises of thousand percent bonuses need to be met with a bit of caution. It's rare for casino operators to offer fair bonuses in excess of 150% and this is the sort of number that you should willingly accept as a player in this category.

When you come across those types of offers, you need to take them with a pinch of salt. When those numbers are completely out of this world, then it's unlikely the deposit bonus will ever become your property or will just be in the form of play money to get you used to a platform, which also won't ever become yours. Be vigilant!

Payout Speed

Finally, players need to assess the payout speed of a platform. You'll find this information within this website and through various forum commentary. Does a platform offer speedy payouts? This is a clear indication on their own financial standing and trustworthiness. However, those that take quite awhile should be avoided. Not only because it holds back your own winnings, but because they're likely having cash flow issues. You needn't play on a website like this and we've weeded out those that don't offer anything in terms of a speedy payout.

Computer Hardware and Online Gambling

Something that's of particular importance for players and might be a pressing question you have is how your system is going to hold up in the realm of online gaming. Fortunately, not every casino was created equally, so we've taken the time to mention those that would be suitable for older systems or mobile devices: perfect for those who don't want to upgrade their computers just yet. However, those with modern computers will find that they're pretty much good to go on almost all platforms. If you bought a computer within the last three years, then there's every chance that you're good to go, so let's get started!

Updated: 10.06.2023
Author: Steve Mitchell

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