Ace Revenue Casinos

Ace Revenue Casino is an affiliate program that attracts marketing agents from around the world specializing in the casino market. With an attractive catalogue of casinos in its repertoire, it's easy to see why affiliate marketers are flooding to become members of the program. However, where does this leave the gambling community? Are its casinos really up to scratch? Let's take a look at where players stand when it comes to playing on casinos associated with Ace Revenue.

About Ace Revenue Casinos

Ace Revenue Casinos is an affiliate marketing program that encourages those with marketing experience to drive traffic towards partner casinos in exchange for a share in the revenue generated by the traffic. They claim to offer some of the highest payouts in the affiliate industry, particularly offering the highest payouts for attainable targets. However, one particular reason that drives marketers and indeed the gambling community at large is Ace Revenue's claim that the affiliated casinos offer a “strong player retention history” [1]. This is quite a large claim to make and, while it's not unsubstantiated, players should be warned that this a group that isn't particularly known for ethical conduct.

Ace Revenue Casinos was rebranded a member of the Crystal Palace Group, which itself is a member of the Virtual Casino Group. This rebranding took place after the death of Ace Revenue's former owner, Warren Cloud (aka “Oliver Curan”), in 2008 while vacationing in Spain [2]. Cloud was one of the first casino operators to take the Internet and the US market by storm as the residential Internet market was establishing itself more prominently in homes. Cloud was notoriously known for ill-repute and unethical dealings in the casino scene, but was often marred in scandalous stories due to the primitive nature of the Internet at the time of his dominance in the online casino scene. Many of these stories were found to be false, but Cloud's affiliation with some of the most scandalous casinos that were prevalent in the 1990s still haven't been forgiven in the minds of US gamblers nationwide. However, since the acquisition, the groups affiliated with Ace Revenue Casinos haven't managed to improve public perception. In fact, perception has decreased. This is particularly true of Silver Oak Casino, but also includes the following sister casinos in the group:

  • Planet 7 Casino
  • Royal Ace Casino
  • Slot Madness
  • Captain Jack Casino

Issues with Silver Oak Casino

The partners associated with Ace Revenue Casinos are each licensed under the gambling authorities in Costa Rica. These types of casinos, which regularly attract US customers, aren't known for player protection or offer any sort of assistance should things go wrong.

Players who are familiar with the US casino scene are often in the know when it comes to slow withdrawal processes. The industry norm rests at an average of eight days, but players regularly find themselves having issues with the withdrawal process at Silver Oak. While the casino platform itself carries itself as a reputable place to deposit money, any withdrawals will be subject to verification procedures that fall well outside what's the accepted norm. It's not unusual for withdrawal processes to take over two weeks [3] and its acquisition to those closely affiliated with Cloud have left lingering concerns in the minds of players.

One tactic Cloud was widely known for was the locking and subsequent declining of withdrawal requests after jackpot wins. This is reportedly what happened to one American member known as “bgermain” [4]. After winning quite a significant amount of money, he attempted to withdraw his winnings only to find them removed from his account and being blocked from further accessing the platform. When questioning customer service, he was met with a dismissive tone that insisted Silver Oak was in their right to do so thanks to a reversal clause that allowed substantial winnings to be converted into a coupon code for play money on the platform.

Silver Oak Casino are also known for low withdrawal limits, which currently rest at $150 per transaction. This is a clear indication of their financial position within the online casino market, which is very poor to the say the least.

Issues with Captain Jack Casino

Unfortunately, the issues that plague Silver Oak Casino are also prevalent at its sister platform, Captain Jack Casino. However, there is a bit of a shining light at the end of the tunnel here as Captain Jack do make some degree of attempt to reward player loyalty and participation through bonus play money being added to the accounts. This is only after complaints being lodged through their live chat system, which is universally held in the poorest regard [5]. Other attempts to communicate disdain with the platform, such as through e-mail or the help desk, are routinely ignored by customer service representatives and further queries aren't met with any sort of response.

It's Not Worth It

Those casinos affiliated with Ace Revenue Group are best avoided altogether. Their acquisition into the hands of shady vendors from already troubled beginnings aren't leaving players in any sort of viable position when they're looking for an honest online gambling experience. This is a group that's best avoided simply because it isn't in the most trustworthy hands and numerous reports flag the group as something that's best passed on. Limited, slow withdrawals are signs of struggling financial positions and nonpayment of winnings is unacceptable in the minds of any casino player. Players should move on and find a better option: they are out there.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell