Slotland Rip-Offs

Slotland is an oddity in the online casino world. It is one of the longer running casinos with a history dating back to 1998, but it isn't a casino in the traditional sense. Slotland effectively does what it says on the tin: it's a platform for those who prefer slot machines above anything else. However, it is built on a unique bespoke platform that ensures cross-compatibility with all major operating systems and devices. Slotland is based on HTML [1], so it isn't something that will require a specific device or any particularly demanding hardware resources.

In fact, there's no installation required whatsoever. What's more is that it's one of the more reputable names in casino gaming. The majority of user opinion is positive and it seems likely that this will be a platform that pays out winnings timely and fully, but there are a few notes to consider.

About Slotland

Slotland is an independent casino operating under the trade name Slotland Entertainment S.A. [2]. It is licensed under the Government of Anjouan, which is a relative unknown in the online casino world and there are far more registered in other jurisdictions elsewhere: some fraudulent, some honest. However, Slotland is widely known for payment of winnings in many respects and few users have problems. That isn't to say the platform is immune to a few offshoot concerns though.

Inconsistent Payout Schedule

Some users have reported issues with receiving the winnings they've actually been shown on screen. When players bring these matters to the attention of customer service representatives, reps are usually quick to dismiss their claims by reiterating what the system has registered in terms of winnings whether or not these payouts actually correspond with what's on the screen [3]. This largely becomes a case of a player's word against what the system is telling customer service representatives, but it does leave players in a bit of a bind. If they were otherwise able to prove their winnings, then it's possible customer service representatives would have the power to adjust a player's bankroll, but this is unknown. It's worth bearing in mind when choosing to play on Slotland though.

Short Play Time

A more prevalent complaint surrounding Slotland is the actual value for money that the experience gives players. Many players report having to place large bets into the slot machines in order to activate them, which quickly drains bankrolls and forces another deposit. A few players have reported spending $50 in as little as 15 minutes [4]. This could very well be an issue of bad luck or poor machine selection on the part of players, but it is something players also need to consider before making a deposit on Slotland.


A small segment of players have also complained about the experience being rather monotonous and that the slot machines don't differ all that much in terms of the visual experience offered. It seems that many players approach Slotland expecting a full-featured download client often citing there's no sound, minimalistic graphics, and a generally boring presentation [4]. While these things are indeed possible through a no download browser or mobile game, they don't necessarily add or take away from the overall functionality of the experience: something Slotland operators are clearly going for.


There are very few issues that surround Slotland in terms of negativity. It is not a platform that's widely known for rogue activities and many of the complaints surrounding it seem to be from disgruntled players who have just been unlucky in their experiences. It is definitely a platform worth considering.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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