Bookmaker Casino Review

If you're after an all in one gambling solution, then you'll be hard pressed to find one as feature-rich as Bookmaker Casino. It features all of what you might expect from an all inclusive gambling destination including a full-featured casino and poker room amongst other popular betting features. It certainly doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a more dedicated casino platform, but it does satisfy just about every player's needs. Will it satisfy your own tastes? Let's take a look at what's on offer.

About Bookmaker Casino

Bookmaker’s claim to fame as that it originated as a sportsbook in the late 1990s, which is perhaps what it's best known for. However, that doesn't mean they've paid any less attention to their casino, which is fully functional and feature rich. It is built on the Digital Gaming Solutions platform that's widely touted as the best bridge between a software client and a web browser, download-free casino option. It doesn't feature the high quality graphics of a more dedicated software platform, but is a cut above the rest of the rather generic web only casinos that I've seen. It's sort of a middle of the road option for me. It's a good visual package and otherwise works, but it didn't do much to wow me. It didn't put me off either.

What sets the casino apart from others is the sheer volume of things to do. As mentioned, it's an all-in-one solution for those looking for one destination to satisfy all of their needs, but the casino itself is quite noteworthy. There's quite a few games on offer that each boast their own pros and cons.


Bookmaker doesn't limit itself to one particular type of game, like other platforms have done by dedicating themselves as slot platforms or table game destination. Bookmakers does it all and does so quite well. What's interesting to note here is that Bookmaker only offers 10 different types of modern slot machine, which falls short of the often 100+ available on other platforms. What is on offer is presented in HD-quality, fully 3D graphics with excellent sound effects, so what's here is definitely worth a look if you're into slots. What it seems to be going for is being more based on table games.

Bookmaker offers several types of table games including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and Pai Gow. Blackjack through Bookmaker is particularly good as it includes a classic blackjack game with several different types of variants, which are sure to keep card players engaged for quite a bit of time. They're also particularly high when it comes to betting limits, too, which is unusual for a lot of blackjack using platforms. Spanish 21 allows players to wager up to $100 in a single hand and other limits tend to cap themselves at $50.

Bonuses and Promotions

From the moment you sign up to Bookmaker, you'll be entered into a loyalty program where you'll earn “BetPoints” that are usable for website rewards. These are mostly limited to tournament entries and other special events, but are sometimes redeemable for entries into raffles for prizes or free bankroll deposits. These BetPoints increase in amount as your account ages, so every year you'll see a 10% bonus on the value of the BetPoints you receive to begin with. However, this is largely dependent on your active participation on the platform. Players must earn at least 30,000 BetPoints before they're eligible for this 10% bonus increase.

In an interesting turn, Bookmaker Casino doesn't offer any significant sign up bonuses. Those who are interested in sportsbooking will receive a 50% deposit bonus on their very first deposit, but this is all that the platform offers in terms of a sign up bonus.

Banking and Customer Service

Where Bookmaker particularly shines is its banking options. While there aren't all that many options in terms of how to move funds to and from the website, such as bank wires and credit card transfers amongst the typical Western Union and MoneyGram options, those that are available are very fast in terms of how cash is able to reach players. Bookmakers advertises the industry norm between seven and ten business days, but in actual practice I was able to receive a withdrawal in three business days. There are faster options out there, but this is still lightning quick against the norm for many casino platforms that can wait for days or even weeks to process withdrawals.

Bookmaker also offers an interesting withdrawal option known as iPoint. When making a withdrawal request, players may choose iPoints to receive a cell phone top up in the value of their withdrawal. This is likely being done in aims of preparing players for their upcoming mobile platforms that are touted as being industry changes and set to launch within the first quarter of 2015, but are otherwise usable as actual mobile top up credits for airtime.

Customer service met my expectations with an e-mail query being responded to within two days. This isn't as fast as other platforms I've experienced, but is passable for my own needs. The platform is otherwise well put together and I don't foresee players needing all that much in terms of support, but it's available should you ever need it.


I quite liked what Bookmaker had to offer. As an all-inclusive gambling destination that serves American online casino players, it's a hard one to beat. Of course there's an issue of it being something that tries to do too many things at once and clearly favours its sportsbooking facilities, but the casino is a great option for those who are also into betting on sports. I'd recommend it.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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