Revenue Jet Rip-Offs

Revenue Jet Casinos is a group of casinos who offer an attractive affiliate program. Promising clients that the casinos they oversee “must meet demanding criteria to work with us” [1] and the program is otherwise “very selective” [1] when it comes to choosing their casino operators, it seems like one of the most attractive opportunities for affiliate marketers. After all, what's more attractive than having pretty much all of the work done for you in terms of ensuring brands that offer customer retention and growth prospects? Well, not all is what it seems. While many of its casinos do offer excellent rapport with customers, there are a few rogues that prospective users need to be aware of before committing to the program. Let's take a look at what's happening.

About Revenue Jet Casinos

First registered in December, 2011 [2] and launching to the public at some point during 2013, Revenue Jet Casinos have marketed themselves as a cut above the rest in comparison to other marketing schemes available on the Internet today. They offer commission packages to suit an advertiser's own personal preferences and needs, which include either a Revenue Share program or a Cost Per Acquisition program. They're also willing to create customized packages to suit individual tastes when working directly with the minds behind Revenue Jet Casinos. There is a clear lean towards the Revenue Share program for new affiliates as they're willing to pay a 45% return when users gain over 120 depositing clients through affiliate generated traffic [3]. This is one of the highest returns on the Internet today, but does require quite a bit of outlay from affiliates in terms of recruiting depositing players. There is some recognizable return for affiliates who aren't quite as strong in marketing and don't have much of a presence on the Internet at the moment, but it is a capped 25% return, which is quite standard in the affiliate marketing world and won't lead to many sizable returns for those who aren't able to generate depositing traffic from at least 30 new users.

Public Impressions of Revenue Jet Casinos

There is generally a positive impression of Revenue Jet Casinos' affiliate program. One user in particular, Graeme McGaw aka “DealerDan”, wrote a glowing review for prospective affiliates and commented on his own personal experiences with the program. McGaw states he was able to collaborate with Matt from Revenue Jet Casinos in order to work out a customized affiliate package for his own needs. Reporting on his experience, he comments that Matt's “communication is top-notch” and he is a responsive, creative, and workable individual when it comes to marketing and experimental hybrid packages [4]. McGaw was also quite positive when it came to the selection of casinos offered by Revenue Jet Casinos, but unfortunately this opinion doesn't match the public perception of every brand offered by the program.

Casinos Hosted by Revenue Jet Casinos

There are five casinos under the Revenue Jet Casinos branding, which each operate using Real Time Gaming software, accept deposits and process withdrawals in US Dollars, and allow players from the United States to access their services. These names include:

Of these names, the final two are the most questioned by the general public. Both have several documented ripoff reports on the Internet with information related to nonpayment of winnings, confiscation of winnings without explanation, and generally poor communication with disgruntled members [5]. This certainly does little to reflect the otherwise upscale clientele that Revenue Jet Casinos is otherwise trying to attract. Unfortunately for the program, these complaints aren't few and far between either. The program as a whole has been inducted into Gambling City's Hall of Shame and is currently ranked as their 15th worst affiliate program around the world [5].

Classy Coin Issues

One of the most prevalent issues related to the casinos within the Revenue Jet Casino program is the need for scanned copies of credit cards and other pieces of information related to personal identity. While these have been provided in many cases, Classy Coin is notoriously known for not allowing players to withdraw their winnings despite providing this highly sensitive information in hopes that operators are genuine people with good intentions.

One user set to test out this particular claim by using a prepaid credit card, which are widely available in the United States and are operated by legally registered banks across the country. After accumulating some winnings and providing Classy Coin with the necessary bits and pieces of information, John of Wisconsin wasn't able to withdraw his winnings to the prepaid card with the casino claiming John hadn't filed the card, hadn't provided scanned copies as evidence of holding the card, and later repeatedly ignored any further contact [6].

Loco Panda Casino

Unfortunately, the issues that affect Classy Coin aren't just limited to that particular brand either. Loco Panda casino has also been plagued with reports of non-contact despite conforming to security measures implemented by the casino. Even when players are able to hit it big and walk away with big jackpots, like in the case of Kenny from Mauritius, Loco Panda have been known to be very poor responders when it comes to payments and will also repeatedly ignore customer contact. When attempting to withdraw a $40,000 jackpot, Kenny was only paid $31,000 of that amount across several instalments; with his account then being deactivated due to “security reasons” with no further explanation and no further payments being made due to “decisions made by management” [7].

Proceed With Caution

Any prospective affiliates would be advised to proceed with caution when using this program. Its casinos aren't the most reputable in the world. While many are known to receive payments (even if through slower payment plans) and much of the brand is generally reputable, there are far too many issues plaguing two clients within the program that could cause issues for affiliate driven traffic sent to these destinations.

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Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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