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Players who are at all familiar with the American online casino scene will be aware of the name “5Dimes”. It is a casino that has been around for quite some time and has been operating successfully since the mid-1990s and wasn't in any way affected by the events of Black Friday that permanently changed the face of online casino gaming in the United States. However, can something that's been around for so long be truly competitive against the more modern offerings? Let's take a look.

About 5Dimes Casino

5Dimes was first launched in 1996 as an online sportsbook that catered to professional football and baseball games. While this venture was largely a huge success, the minds behind the platform felt they could do more and expanded to become one of the largest American online casinos. The overall success of their platform is partly due to getting the fundamentals right: it's quite easy to deposit and fund a bankroll, the customer service is excellent, and, most importantly, withdrawing cash is lightning quick. The industry norm rests at about eight business days to complete a withdrawal thanks to the number of security checks in place and the laws surrounding “Know Your Customer” policies. However, for established members, 5Dimes players can receive their funds in as little as 24 hours. I was quite fortunate enough to have received my withdrawal request in just a couple of days, too.

What's particularly unfortunate about 5Dimes is the fact that it is laden with claims of dishonesty. The casino is regulated in Costa Rica, where there are far fewer channels for dispute resolution required than those who are licensed in the EU or elsewhere. This has consequently led to quite a few players voicing their distrust of the service on various forums. However, few claims have been substantiated and 5Dimes still continues to operate as a successful casino. Could these just be the voices of upset newcomers to the American online casino world? It's possible, I don't know for sure, but my own personal experience with the platform was a positive one.

In defence of 5Dimes, the platform is certified by the Certified Fair Gaming (CFG) scheme that ensures players are competing for fair odds and have a chance of receiving an actual payout. Of course, casino games by their very nature are games of chance, but the CFG scheme ensures players are always in good hands when it comes to honesty and fairness within the casino world.


Having been around for so long, players might suspect that 5Dimes would be one of those traditional casino platforms where it's nothing but animated cards and roulette wheels. I thought that myself before jumping into the mix, but was quickly proven wrong. Their longevity is through their ability to keep up with advances in technology, which is particularly apparent through the live dealer experience. All of the games on offer through 5Dimes ranging from roulette to card games like blackjack are now accompanied by live dealers, who perform the actions requested by players through a live stream. This added element of realism is something that's been sorely missing from the online casino world and has only recently become a mainstay popular feature.

In terms of the streams themselves, 5Dimes offers HD-quality broadcasts that connects players with Costa Rican dealers feeding themselves from Central America. I didn't find any issues in using the streams. They were always fast, responsive, and didn't in any way skip or stutter – something that would've flagged as an opportunity to cheat or scam players as this is seemingly a prominent concern for those joining the platform.

Deposit Bonuses

The deposit bonus scheme of 5Dimes is perhaps where the platform starts to show its age. It doesn't have much by the way of a scheme and it offers bonuses in the form of rebates. Players are entitled to receive a 21% cash rebate on net losses according to Costa Rican regulations and this will be credited to a bankroll in the form of a cashback deposit. Players can also receive a sign up bonus of 100% up to $250 if they deposit cash immediately during the sign up process.

Banking Options

5Dimes also shows it's slightly antiquated nature through its withdrawal and deposit options. You'll be able to fund your bankroll using a credit card instantly or may also choose to fund accounts using Western Union or MoneyGram transfers, which are subject to manual verification procedures and can take a few days to clear. Withdrawals operate similarly with checks also being an option. Payout checks are delivered by FedEx and can take up to five business days to be delivered.

Credit card transfers are undoubtedly the best option on this platform as they occur instantly with some withdrawal credits being received in as little as a day. These numbers simply can't be beat within the current American online casino marketplace.

Customer Service

The customer service experience on 5Dimes is equal to what you might expect elsewhere. It offers similar live chat, e-mail, and telephone options and each station is manned regularly. E-mail support does take some time to turn around in comparison to other platforms, but I wasn't waiting around for more than three days before I received a respond to a test query.


5Dimes is a name that speaks for itself. Having been around for over a decade, the platform isn't going to be one that disappears anytime soon, but it doesn't carry the most positive legacy in the eyes of the general public. I would still nonetheless recommend this platform for its modern features and ultra fast payouts, but would advise proceeding with caution. There are indeed safer options out there if that's your main concern.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell
Copyright: www.bestusonlinecasinos.net


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