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The death of Warren Cloud sent shockwaves throughout the American online casino scene. While Cloud didn't hold any particular favour with players, which is mostly due to his scamming nature and unethical approach to casino gaming at large, he did play a large part in making online casinos in the United States such a mainstay in homes across the country when the Internet was just becoming popular. The Crystal Palace Group was perhaps his crowning achievement: a large, diverse portfolio of online casinos, a huge player base, and a seemingly uninterrupted stream of deposits against the very few payouts made. The Crystal Palace Group has since been rebranded under Ace Revenue casinos since Cloud's death, but its memory lingers on through semi-active platforms still accepting deposits.

About Crystal Palace Group

It was at one point pretty hard to go online and not find a Crystal Palace casino. These casinos were prevalent throughout the 1990s and into the early millenium before the events of Black Friday shook online poker and indeed the American online casino scene by force. The group took many names: American Circus Casino, American Grand Casino, Americas Online Casino, Casino Peru, Cleopatras Casino, Crystal Palace Casino, Club Mardi Gras, Club Regal Casino, Golden Nile Casino, High Rollers Lounge, Jackpot Kings Casino, Lucky Coin Casino, Lucky Pyramid Casino, Powerbet, Royal Circus Casino, Vegas Frontier Casino, and Vegas Riches Casino [1]. However, only two still remain in operation today. They are:

It's not clear why these casinos are still operating today. Some believe they're being used as a financial feeder to the even more shady minds behind the Ace Revenue acquisition, while others believe they're more a living tribute to Cloud's legacy. Whatever the case may be, players are advised to steer well clear of these casinos due to their fraudulent nature.

About Jackpot Cash Casino

Jackpot Cash Casino takes a rather unique approach to the idea of scamming players. While they aren't widely known as declining payments altogether, they are known for making it impossible for players to get even close to making any sort of worthwhile withdrawal. They do this by following the traditional Crystal Palace approach. That is, players will be enticed with a significant sign up bonus that's widely touted as being industry leading, then force players to get through almost impossible rollovers in order to make it their own. Should players get anywhere remotely close to making any part of the bonus their own, Jackpot Cash will often credit another bonus to their account as an incentive to continue playing and the cycle permanently repeats itself [2]. This effectively makes it so players will never be able to withdraw winnings at any point and will be paying for what's ultimately a glorified play money casino. There are far better options for this available across the Internet and often come free of charge.

Those players who are lucky enough to push through to the withdrawal stage won't be met with any sort of positive response. While some players have received some form of payment from the casino, a significant portion of players receive nothing at all. When trying to touch base with the casino operators through one of the customer support options, players are usually told they were in breach of the terms and conditions of the platform and are subsequently banned from further play [3].

Inconsistent Customer Support

Another aspect about playing on Jackpot Cash Casino and indeed its sister, Silver Sands, is the fact customer support representatives can't seem to get their stories straight. An issue that's been a hot button for many players of this group is whether or not the group was acquired by the Virtual Casino Group, which is perhaps one of the most infamous casino con artists online today. Despite evidence showing that it is or has become a Virtual Casino Group platform (card references, some later removed website mentions), chat personnel do sometimes agree that it's Virtual Casino Group property whereas others will deny it [4].

About Silver Sands Casino

Little is currently known about Silver Sands Casino beyond its affiliation with the defunct Crystal Palace Group. It is a South African casino that caters exclusively to the South African market by accepting deposits and placing wagers in ZAR. It isn't a platform that currently accepts US players.

History Repeats Itself

If there's one thing casino players should have learned in the 1990s, it's that rogue casinos are in wide existentence and this is a name that should have been laid to rest a long time ago. What remains of this platform is best avoided altogether if players expect to receive anything by the way of winnings, which is theoretically impossible. Keep your deposits well-away from this platform.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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