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Mobile device gaming is becoming all the rage lately thanks to the increasing amount of Internet-enabled cell phones and tablets. While Carbon Casino is far from a mobile dedicated platform, it does offer mobile players added incentives to try out their mobile software over their standard PC casino platform and is encouraging players to do so through added bonuses and other incentives. So, is Carbon Casino worth the choice if you're a mobile or even a general PC gamer? Let's take a look at what it has to offer.

About Carbon Casino

Carbon Casino is a platform held within the Carbon Group's wide range of offers, which include a dedicated sportsbook for the British market, a poker platform, and interestingly enough a horse racing bookmaker. Its software is usable on all of the major computer platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux (through unsupported emulation software) alongside the wide range of cell phones and tablet computers including iOS and Android systems.

Security is at the heart of the Carbon Casino experience and is regularly touted throughout their software and webpages. The platform claims to offer some of the highest encryption standards available to casinos, which ensure all of your transactions and actions will remain free of prying from hackers and other unauthorized sources. Further research into the matter didn't realize anything above the industry norm, but there's definitely a sense of comfort in knowing that my transactions are secure and relatively anonymous in the grand scheme of things.


Carbon Casino is a rarity in the American online casino world in the fact that it doesn't use Real Time Gaming software, which is held as being a more realistic experience for casino gamers. Instead, it uses the BetSoft platform that doesn't require any downloads or installations beyond standard web browser plug ins that are usually included with modern operating systems. All of the games that are played through Carbon Casino are based on Adobe Flash and “stream” on an as-needed basis. This makes it quite friendly to those who are on mobile devices, since iOS and Android can both be configured to support this plug in and have been accompanied through apps using their respective marketplaces. If this wasn't enough, then I was able to use their mobile version web pages to play the games as I would expect through mobile and PC software. This alone was quite an impressive feat to me since web browser games are usually scaled, watered down versions of a full-fledged software client. Not in this case.

There are a wide number of games supported through Carbon Casino. Its impressive games catalogue boasts 3D graphics and a variety of customization options, which is particularly obvious through their 3D slot machines. In addition to slots, blackjack, craps, video poker, and roulette. Regardless of the method players use to interact with the platform, you can rest assured that you'll be able to access all of your favourite casino games and do so without any hint of downgrading to suit different types of devices. This, of course, means you'll need to have relatively modern equipment that can handle the sort of technological load a casino platform like this will place on them, but for the greater majority this isn't an issue. I found that even an old cell phone I had kicking around in a drawer was able to make full use of Carbon Casino's library of games.

Bonuses and Promotions

Carbon Casino offers a unique “Reload bonus” that encourages repeat play on a daily basis. On a first time deposit, players will receive 25% up to $250 as their standard welcome bonus, then up to a 20% bonus for deposits up to $100 made at any time during the week. New players are also eligible to receive cashback in the event of losses up to $25.

Carbon Casino also has an interesting rebate system where players who use the platform on weekdays will be eligible for 10% back up to $500. This is subject to conditions though and players must have placed at least $1,000 worth of bets across a minimum of 20 wagers in order to be eligible for this rebate.

Mobile players also benefit from the rebate system, where a minimum of $5 is eligible for a 100% rebate for a first time mobile bet. This is clearly trying to skew players towards the mobile client in order to become “the” American online casino for mobile players, but it is quite a nice touch. I received my rebate within three days of requesting it in the form of a deposit to my existing casino bankroll, which allowed me to keep on playing.

Banking and Customer Service

The deposit and withdrawal options at Carbon Casino are rather limited, but do accommodate the industry norms including credit cards, bank transfers, and Western Union transfers. Customer service is also rather standardized with the typical live chat, e-mail, and telephone options being made available to players.


Carbon Casino is an interesting option for those who are more geared towards mobile playing, which is certainly the market they're trying to segment at the moment. While it's a rather standard online casino option for American players, it does set itself apart by trying to actively encourage players to get involved with their cell phones and tablets. If this happens to be you, then it's definitely worth a look at.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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