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The Virtual Casino Group has perhaps one of the most marred histories of all of the unethical casino vendors operating on the Internet today. However, there appears to be some sort of movement to redeem itself and its overall “ripoff” status is being questioned at the moment. Before players get too excited about the prospect of having another worthy casino to consider, it's wise to take a look at the history surrounding it before jumping into the deep end.

About Virtual Casino Group

If there was ever one name that should have been permanently stricken from the records a long time ago, it is Virtual Casino Group. The group has regularly been the target of leading ripoff report columnists and this isn't any new development. Its history of fraudulent activity spans nearly one decade and it includes such unsightly awards as “Worst Casino of the Year 2007” and received the “Worst Casino Group” shame three times [1]. However, this isn't a shaming that has necessarily been without some sort of positivity. When players approached more noteworthy ripoff columnists with their concerns, they were often assisted by them in order to resolve their queries directly with upper management names in the Group. This is a practice that still continues to this day and many legitimate complaints have been resolved [1].

Should these practices continue, then it's likely the Group will begin to be perceived in a more positive light by players: especially those players in the United States who have been scammed out of their hard-earned money and have been left with a poor impression of the Group's casinos.

Does this necessarily mean that the Group is in the clear? Not at all. With over a decade of poor management practices attributed to it, players are still advised to steer well clear of the casinos within its portfolio until further issues are resolved and the general impression of the casino begins to increase. These names include:

Issues with Palace of Chance

It's not unusual for casinos to offer deposit bonuses or sign up bonuses, but an interesting experiment Palace of Chance decided to pilot was a no deposit free chip offer to encourage players to get to the tables right away. However, this experiment firmly backfired against the operators and those trying to withdraw winnings from Palace of Chance were met with a ruthless vetting procedure. This was partly due to the fraudulent nature of some players who were exploiting the system in an attempt to generate money for themselves, but it also left honest players in a bit of a bind. Those who make withdrawals on Palace of Chance will have their accounts investigated for fraudulent activity and the slightest deviation from the terms and conditions, no matter how mundane, will result in those winnings being voided altogether [2].

There is also a prevalent issue on Palace of Chance when it comes to sudden changes to the terms and conditions. Many players who managed to win a considerable amount using the free chips and subsequently requested withdrawals were forced to speak to a customer service representative. Reps often advised that because players were playing certain games, like blackjack, that they were required to double their winnings before they could cash out [3]. These are things that weren't made clear in the terms and likely managerial actions on the fly to prevent significant winnings being paid out: a clear indication of the casino's financial standing.

Issues with Cool Cat Casino

Nonpayment of winnings is an issue that plagues the Virtual Casino Group brand, but it seems more problematic on Cool Cat Casino. While there has been a turn in recent time to help create a more positive impression for the platform, the name is still backed by an overwhelmingly negative response regarding both payment time and outright refusals [4]. Players are routinely ignored when logging complaints regarding payouts and customer service representatives will often keep conversations at a low level: ignoring requests to escalate issues to more important members of staff. Those who are paid tend to be paid by instalments. Some players who have receive payments by check also report those paychecks bouncing [4]. Again, this is a clear indication of the Group's financial position.

Be Aware

While these experiences are fairly common within rogue casino platforms, that's not to say it's all doom and gloom. Management have indeed made an active attempt to try and solve legitimate complaints and are working to restore their public image. Will this be the resurrection of the Virtual Casino Group? Only time will tell. However, players are best to proceed with caution or avoid the Group's casinos altogether until the issues are completely resolved.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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