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Rushmore Group has one of those stories in the online casino world that's quite sad to follow. What was once a reputable, well-respected name in online casino gambling for American players was driven into the ground over the past three years and the gambling community is taking quick note of the goings-on. Slow withdrawals, low withdrawal limits, and frozen accounts are all becoming hallmarks associated with this group's name. So, what's happening beneath the surface? Let's take a closer look.

About Rushmore Group

While Rushmore Group has seemingly disappeared from the Internet, much to the happiness of scammed players, there are still a few sister casinos under its branding that continue to operate sporadically. It doesn't appear that the casinos under its flag operate year-round. Instead, it seems they pop up at seemingly random intervals to scam unsuspecting players after considerable marketing promotions that get the casino names back on the map per se. Once their scams are complete, the platforms once again go into dormancy only to pop up again at a later date [1]. What's true here, though, is that the minds behind the group know what they're doing and this is further supported by the fact that there are very few pieces of publicly available information on the group itself. It is unknown where the group itself is based, though many of its sister casinos are licensed in Curaçao.

The biggest draw for the Rushmore Group and its partner casinos is the fact that they welcome players from the United States. This will, of course, mean that players are in for quite extended waits when it comes to withdrawals thanks to “know your customer” laws, but each of the casinos associated with the group are notoriously known for extremely slow withdrawal processes that can take up to one month to receive an instalment that is often a token gesture and a far cry from any real winning or close to the withdrawal amount being requested [2]. The names associated with Rushmore Group include:

About Cherry Red Casino

It goes without saying that each of the casinos associated with the group are negatively affected to some degree, but none seem more apparently affected than Cherry Red Casino. Cherry Red attracts prospective players by offering quite substantial sign up bonuses, which are often in the 400% range, but often soon turn around and freeze accounts that try to make large cash withdrawals. This is often after requesting identification to prove customer identity. While this is completely within the bounds of US law and legislation, it does create a specific concern for unsuspecting players: if a casino is fraudulent and known as a rogue to begin with, then how are these documents being handled? Should players inherently trust the numerous encryption standards in place to help promote ideas of security and online safety? [2]

The main aspect that affects Cherry Red and indeed its sister casinos are the slow, capped payments that take over a month to process. Players can expect to receive instalment payments when they win anything substantial, which is often capped at $2,000 per transaction. Oftentimes, one instalment will be paid, then the casino's operators will simply disappear off of the map. Those who do successfully make contact with a member of customer service will often be told that any declining of payments or even outright refusal of payments will be “managerial decisions” and players have very limited recourse from that point [3]. It is usually best to consider everything a loss and move on when players find themselves in this situation. Of course, it's far better to avoid the platform altogether.

Behind the scenes, it appears that there is a known glitch in the software that is crediting play money within the player's actual bankroll before they have turned it over according to the terms of the bonus, which begins to reflect itself as players start to win on any of Cherry Red's games. This is quite surprising, especially from a Real Time Gaming software platform, which is widely known as a stable and functional casino platform for American players.

About Pure Vegas Casino

Where Cherry Red Casino lacks in its customer service department, Pure Vegas Casino shines. However, it isn't shining for the right reasons. Pure Vegas makes it quite clear to players that they're never left in the lurch when it comes to receiving support and offer telephone, e-mail, and live chat options to assist where needed. This is more of a front than anything else. Players routinely report issues similar to what's experienced at Cherry Red. Namely, apathetic customer support personnel who hide behind the guise of “managerial decisions” when making rulings on accounts and winnings [4].


It's unfortunate that what was once known as an excellent casino group has fallen from grace and into shambles. What happened to cause such a disastrous outcome remains a public mystery, but it's believed that the casino's operators changed hands to a more unethical vendor who seeks only to scam the money of otherwise trusting players. This is something that's been happening for years now with sister casinos associated with the group and it's best to let this one rest. Players are advised to avoid this group at all costs as nothing good is currently coming from it.

Written: 02.22.2015
Author: Steve Mitchell


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