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2010 Recipients

88Nine Radio Milwaukee $35,000 To support a seven-week radio and social media series to raise visibility and market awareness of four neighborhoods, including Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square
Alliance for Children and Families $10,000 To support the participation of neighborhood residents and local nonprofits at the national conference
Castle Medical Center $200,000 To support the renovation of additional patient care rooms at the Vera Zilber Birth Center
Center for Resilient Cities - Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Health Alliance $150,000 To hire a program director and organize health and wellness activities for people in Lindsay Heights
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church $5,000 To purchase a cooler for fresh food storage and meet increased demand for food in the Clarke Square neighborhood
Fondy Food Center $75,000 To support technical assistance to develop operational, physical design and development, and funding plans for the Fondy Market Center
Journey House $375,000 To help finance the construction of the Longfellow/Journey House Center for Family Learning and Youth Athletics
Journey House $2,000 To support Weed & Seed's activities to prevent crime, increase neighborhood spirit, and strengthen police-community partnerships
Layton Boulevard West Neighbors $875,000 To design and implement a five-year community development plan with people who live and work in Layton Boulevard, Burnham Park, and Silver City
Marquette University - Trinity Fellows Program $29,400 To support a graduate student intern to work with the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative
Milwaukee College Prep - Lindsay Heights Campus $50,000 To support the startup of a new charter school campus in Lindsay Heights
Milwaukee Film $1,000 To support a screening and panel discussion of “Waiting for Superman”
Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity $300,000 To repair and paint 60 homes
Milwaukee Wave of Hope $7,500 To support an educational and outreach program for youth in Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square
Sojourner Family Peace Center $55,000 To launch a partnership to co-locate comprehensive services for individuals and families dealing with domestic violence
United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (Neighborhood News Service) $108,000 To support the development and implementation of the Neighborhood News Service
United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee $10,000 To facilitate leadership training for the organizations implementing the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative
Urban Ecology Center/Menomonee Valley Partners Project $500,000 To support From the Ground Up, a $26 million project to create jobs, restore natural resources, educate people about the environment, and establish new recreational amenities in the Menomonee Valley
Walnut Way Conservation Corp. $15,000 To fund a study visit for twelve Lindsay Heights educators and community leaders to participate in the Harlem Children's Zone Practitioners Institute
WINS for Children $150,000 To establish a program office and start a strategic planning process to benefit children and youth in Milwaukee
Word of Hope Ministries $35,000 To expand substance abuse treatment services on the north side of Milwaukee

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