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Betsoft, like most other online casino software providers, has a tagline on its homepage: “The innovator and leader in true cinematic 3D gaming”. This sums up their business quite well, actually, as their games are some of the most notable and interesting on the Web. I’m not, as a general rule, a fan of slot machines. I prefer more interaction and mental stimulation than most slots offer, but the games from Betsoft are an exception. They’re so compelling and rich, both in design and storyline, that I find myself returning to play them even when I’m not writing a review.

The graphics you’ll see in these Betsoft games compare to the animation you’ll see in state-of-the-art animated films from companies like Disney and Pixar. It’s easy to make that claim, but it’s harder to live up to it. Betsoft does, though. They also focus on providing a similarly rich experience on mobile devices that they offer through their desktop version of their software.

Also, Betsoft Gaming has a refreshingly welcoming attitude toward players from the U.S. Many online casinos turn down American money because of the murky legal situation there. This is more of a fault of the United States government than of the software providers or the casinos, but it’s still a point in Betsoft’s favor that U.S. players are welcome.

Almost 400 different sites take advantage of Betsoft’s games, making it one of the most widely-adopted software providers in the business. Some of the better-known names among sites using their software include Bovada, GSN Cash Games, and

The slot machine games are so popular that people don’t talk much about the other games available via the Betsoft platform, but other games are indeed available. They provide a full complement of casino games to their online casinos. I’ve included details of their games below along with specific recommendations about playing them.

Baccarat is usually the first game on one of these lists because of the alphabet. They have standard rules straight down the line.

Blackjack is available in fewer varieties from Betsoft than at most providers, but that’s not a disadvantage at all. Most online casinos offer multiple varieties of the game in order to confuse players into gambling on games where the house edge is a little higher. Betsoft’s single deck blackjack game is the one you should play—the house edge is only 0.38%, making it one of the best gambling games online.

Caribbean Stud is available using close to standard rules. They do offer a higher than usual payoff for a royal flush, just like Realtime Gaming does. It only adds 0.01% to your expectation against the casino, though. They also have a variation of this game called “Oasis Poker” which is the same game with an additional rule—you can switch one card for another. The house edge is better on Oasis Poker—it’s only 1.04% if you play well.

Craps is available with all the standard rules and bets you’d expect. The odds bet is limited to 3X. You should always take the odds bet and max it out.

Draw Hi Lo is a proprietary game. That means you won’t see it at land-based casinos or at casinos not powered by Betsoft. You bet on whether the next card is going to be higher or lower in rank than the previous card. The payoffs are based on the rank of the card you’re guessing against. If you learn basic strategy and count cards, you can actually get an edge at this game, making it unusual (possibly even unique) among online casino games.

Pai Gow Poker is available using the standard rules for the game.

Poker 3 is essentially a Texas hold’em game where you play against the computer. The game always acts second, giving it the advantage.

Predictor is a carnival-style game where you guess the color and/or number of a mining cart. The house edge is 4%. There is no skill element involved.

Red Dog is available using 8 decks.

Ride ‘em Poker is just Let-It-Ride under another name. You can read my page on that topic to learn more about the trademark issues involving the name of the game. Betsoft uses the standard set of rules for the game.

Roulette is available in five different versions. The only bets worth making are the even money bets at the European roulette game. Zoom roulette offers the same bet with the same odds, but the camera angles are different on the animation.

Slot machines are the real reason to play at Betsoft. The games feature incredible animation, detailed storylines, and are superior to the slots games from any and every other provider. They have to be seen to be believed. I don’t usually play slots, but these games are worth it.

Top Card Trumps is just Casino War under another name. I’ve written about Casino War before. Skip the game unless you’re just playing on a lark.

Triple Edge Poker is Betsoft’s name for Three-Card Poker, which is also covered in detail on this site. The rules are pretty standard, and the house edge is 3.37% on the Ante bet and 2.32% on the Pairplus bet.

Video poker is offered in eighteen different variations. The rules and games are pretty standard. The best video poker game available is called Split Way Royal, and the payback percentage is 99.8%.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell